1 X 50 GM ( 2 oz ) Improve - pet formula

1 X 50 GM ( 2 oz ) Improve - pet formula

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What is IMPROVE?

An all organic product that really works

IMPROVE is a 100% natural powder made entirely from the Yucca Schidigera plant.

IMPROVE is a nutritional feed supplement for household pets & livestock.

IMPROVE is available in two formulas: 

Pet Formula – 50 g ( 2 oz) shaker
Livestock Formula – 454 g (1 lb) bottle

Why use IMPROVE?

IMPROVE plays a major role in the digestion and absorption of feed nutrients.  Added to the feed, IMPROVE will make your current feeding program more effective and efficient.

The catalytic action of IMPROVE makes it possible for a small amount of product to create a significant response.

IMPROVE helps animals’ digestion without affecting their physiology and without placing new demands on any of their metabolic functions.

IMPROVE also reduces odours from manures, resulting in a healthier environment for both you and your animals.