Modern medicine

Modern Medicine is in the greatest crisis of its career…and that’s no secret. People are coming to realize more than ever that the Western medical establishment is in a state of terrible disarray.


Modern medicine, while excelling in many acute traumatic situations and in certain degrees of viral control, varying degrees of physical emergencies and often highly complex and successful feats of surgery, has failed miserably when it comes to the responsibility of being the guardian of our health.

The new and complex diseases that are arising are baffling to many of today’s medical approaches. Why are we paying more for our medical care while accomplishing less when it comes to good health and well-being?

Why is it that medicine has adopted an approach that essentially says “We need to wait and see what develops before we can treat it”? Why does medicine not question our lifestyles to find the causes of diseases today? Is there any difference if I were to let my leaky roof continue leaking until structural damage has occurred and then set about repairing the damage while not attending to the leak? I don’t think so!

This is not to say that doctors are not trying their best, but more and more people in our society are also realizing that they need to take responsibility for their own health. In fact, a recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine found that a full 45% are acknowledging the effectiveness of the alternative approach. It is less complicated to learn balanced and proper health principles than it is to learn about medicine and disease.

(Former) Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop, in his 1986 Report of Health And Nutrition, pointed out that “dietary imbalances are the leading contributors to premature death in the U.S.” and he recommended the expansion of nutrition and modification education for all health care professionals.

This, from the Centers For Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia: “Fully 37% of cancers, 45% of heart disease, 5% of cerebrovascular disease, and 49% of arthoro-sclerosis (hardening of the arteries) is prevented through lifestyle modification.” (Public Health Service Bulletin, 1975.) Imagine! They knew that way back then.

Remember first that sickness and disease are merely the end result of a long and slow process which began in the body a long time ago. Such a constant taxation has been made on the immune system that it finally began to institute a major healing crisis in the form of what we call disease, in a last-ditch effort to plead with us to help clean itself up internally, so it can get on with the business of preserving and nurturing our bodies. Your body is the best doctor! Since time immemorial, physicians have known that most remarkable secret of all: Your body knows how to heal itself of essentially any challenge presented it.

The good doctor knows that they do not heal or cure you of your ailment. They know that all they can do is help you with their knowledge, and that your healing must occur from the inside to the outside. The good doctor’s responsibility is to help their patient to understand that the miraculous and powerful forces are flowing through us all at this very moment. We must concentrate on keeping our bodies relatively free of poisons and toxins and seek to wash our minds with thoughts of health and wholesome appreciation of the wonderful bodies that nature has given us to be the keepers of.

There is no feeling like the continual awareness of good health and well-being. We have at our disposal these tremendous YU-CCAN products that make the job so much easier for us. Our main task is to concentrate on the wisdom of using these products with balance and moderation and ultimately good health will take care of itself. It is my desire to share with you some common sense approaches such as drinking only purified water, chewing our foods to liquid consistency (try it!) before swallowing, not eating microwaved foods, etc., and especially the proper uses of the tremendous YU-CCAN products, that will ultimately give us the greatest opportunity to feel full of good health and well-being on a continual day-to-day basis.