Are you eating healthy food

There is no feeling in the world like the continual awareness of good health and well-being.


We’ve been there. We’ve had those times when we just felt so good that we almost felt invincible. The sun was shining, we whistled and hummed as we went along our affairs; we had a kind word and a smile for everyone who happened on our path; we had a terrific level of energy. But, as you know, it just didn’t last.

What happened?

Why do we have those peaks of incredible health and energy only to see it head for the basement a day or two later? We feel low on energy and run down, and sluggish. It’s happened to all of us, hasn’t it?

We need to learn the reasons why we feel those highs and lows and then concentrate on those reasons that have made us ride the crest of good energy. We also need to know what caused those lows, so as to be able to avoid them.

Many of you have heard me say many times that the number one reason for sickness and disease is because of a buildup and accumulation of poisonous and toxic acid wastes in the body. You also know that the most effective method is the use of the three premier products of YU-CCAN, namely CANAID Herbal Supplement, YU-CCAN Herbal Supplement and B-FIT.

While these products themselves go to assist the body in detoxifying and purifying itself and also helping to assist the body in maintaining the state of inner environmental wholeness, we need to learn the reasons we got there in the first place.

Let us examine the usual lifestyles of most people. First thing most people do upon arising is look for a coffee. Now coffee, of and by itself (in great moderation of course), is beneficial for the body. In addition, most people alter their coffee by adding a few mere poisons, i.e., sugar, cream, milk, honey, etc., to satisfy their corrupt palates.

Then come the donuts or the Danish rolls to get them started . If you ever have the occasion to sit in one of those fast food outlets that serve coffee and donuts and observe not only how much people consume but also how they consume it, you’re in for an interesting experience. People don’t chew today, they inhale their food.

This takes them to the morning coffee break. By then, of course, they need that ongoing fix of another coffee and more often than not, another couple donuts or Danishes. They are all so loaded with refined white sugar so as to give their bodies that false sense of energy and “go”.

This generally takes them through to the noon whistle. Now comes the real fun stuff; studies have shown that this is the average morning diet of the “average” Joe and Sally.

Notwithstanding that there has been the usual absorption of chemical insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers and those chemicals used to process that coffee even before we mix it with those aforementioned poisons. We also add as gifts for the stomach the ingredients of that mess that we’ve come to give such names as donut, Danish, croissant, etc., in other words, enriched white flour. Imagine, they have the gall to call it “enriched”. Enriched with what, we may ask? Why, synthetically produced vitamins which have about as much life in them as the paper I’m writing this on.

Don’t you just love these words? Enriched, fortified, how about naturally flavoured? If I keep this up, I’m not going to get past lunch in considering how our bodies get to the unhealthy states that they do. And what about those health-conscious folks who like to “eat healthy”? Soups and sandwiches, of course. But let us work on that sandwich a bit. Most people today do really prefer white bread. You know… the kind they make with an air compressor? At least, that is the way it seems to me.

I’ve seen a lot of people ask for “brown bread” or “whole wheat”, though. Another sad joke. The sad part of it all however, is that they really believe they are putting healthy food into their bodies. The same additives are used in whole wheat bread as are used in refined white (and let us not forget enriched) bread.

On to the soup. Many of the smaller food outlets will open a can of soup and pop it into the microwave to be heated. Now, we all know what happens to it then. How about the bigger places, where they have soup of the day? First of all, no restaurant in its right mind would even have soup of the day unless it knew it was going to sell a large quantity of it. So the cook on the night shift must prepare the ingredients by cutting up all the vegetables and meats so that the morning shift can throw it in the pot and boil it up for noon. This destroys the enzymatic nutrients in the food, long before it even sees the soup-pot. Please understand that I am not beating up on restaurants and coffee wagons and so on. It just happens that this is usually the most popular medium used. Our train of thought remember, is to address the cause of the buildup and accumulation of those contaminating and life-destroying acid wastes. How many of you chew to liquid consistency before swallowing? The bottom line is that we are never going to be entirely free of these wastes.

We are so fortunate to have access to the tremendous YU-CCAN products that continually assist us on our quest for good health and well-being.

This is all serious stuff we are talking about. If we don’t have good health, what do we have? We live in a dangerous age, where our foods are so chemically denatured and our waters are so poisoned and our environments are so polluted that the result is a horrific attack on our immune system, the guardian of our health. There are some good products out there that will assist us in achieving and maintaining good health, but to date, I have not been able to find anything that will even remotely compare with those tremendous YU-CCAN products.

In my clinic, I continue to receive feedback almost on a daily basis on the benefits of those YU-CCAN products. Every YU-CCAN distributor and preferred customer should continually share these products with their friends and loved ones.