History of YU-CCAN Products

A Canadian Health Success Story Continues

As of March 31, 2019 YU-CCAN Corporation passed all their trade marks and formulas to Remedy Farms ltd. Remedy Farms is a working family farm that is focused on bring healthy foods to market.  We produce certified organic grains, vegetables and some fruits.  Using YU-CCAN Products ourselves for more than 20 years and working with Yucca based products for Agriculture uses we decided that purchasing the company was a great fit to the farm.  We look forward to many years of serving you the very best YU-CCAN Products you have come to expect. The FUTURE will bring great health, with farmers that look to change how the food we eat is produced. Using less chemicals or simply no chemicals. Organic food is good start to healthy living!!  YU-CCAN Products can make it even better !

We will be here for a long time, our Family has roots in Agriculture that runs deep, with 6 generations farming the same land.  We care about sustainable healthy farming.  

From our family to yours 

Since 1891 

Richard Boissonneault


Now for a bit of  history on YU-CCAN Products over the last 35 years 

Rick Chaba had been involved in Sales, Management and Manufacturing for over 35 years.  He was introduced to YU-CCAN Herbal Supplement while recovering from a serious car accident in 1988 and immediately became a spokesperson for the products.

Marg’s Chaba background includes years of Clerical, Bookkeeping and Administrative roles with a large  accounting firm.   

YU-CCAN Corporation’s Head Office has been located in Sherwood Park, Alberta since the early 1990’s, along with our manufacturing plant and distribution facilities.  

Rick and Marg where both involved in the day to day operations of the company. They maintain close relationships with many Distributors, and celebrate when customers share how the YU-CCAN products have changed their lives.  

We believe that the YU-CCAN family of products can make a difference in everyone’s lives.  Our mission is to continue to make these affordable, effective products available to anyone who has a desire to maintain good health and a healthy environment. 

A Bit more History

Living as we do just north of the most powerful economy in the world, we become accustomed to hearing of new companies and developments which start in the United States and then migrate north for us to experience. It is a refreshing change to find a company that is an innovative powerhouse in the alternative health field, which has its roots in Canada. YU-CCAN Corporation is just such a company.

YU-CCAN Corporation was founded in Calgary, Alberta in the 1980’s. The mission of the company is to address some very vital environmental issues by developing a line of agricultural, industrial and health products that work in harmony with Mother Nature instead of against her.

To enjoy peak health and longevity, we must be participants in the game of life not merely spectators. If we truly want to enjoy peak health and longevity without the pain and discomfort of disease, we must first understand that the only instrument capable of healing is our own body.

Disease and old age have their roots in our sick and chemically denatured foods, poisoned water and polluted environment. If we truly want to become young and healthy, we must first accept responsibility for our own health and vitality.  Remember, “serious disease and peak health cannot exist in the same body at the same time.” By understanding how our bodies function, what our body’s individual needs are and by addressing these needs, we can enjoy peak health and vitality without the presence of disease.

The increasing interest in herbal supplements and other alternative medicine stems from our experience with synthesized drugs and their adverse side effects.  No one system of medicine is 100% successful against all disease. However, because our bodies are so adept at processing plant material, they automatically absorb what is needed and eliminate what is not. The role of herbs may be indirect, such as aiding in digestion, encouraging relaxation, improving circulation or helping elimination functions. Deficiencies in any of these areas add to the burden of disease with which the body has to cope. If these supplementary problems can be addressed the chances of recovery for a specific illness are significantly improved.

YU-CCAN Corporation’s products have been readily accepted in the marketplace because they are totally organic. The main ingredient in many YU-CCAN products is a saponin (a natural soap), which is extracted from the desert plant, the Schidigira Yucca.  Yucca is not a cactus but a member of the lily family. Out of 40 species of the yucca, only five have a concentration of saponins. These saponins act as a catalyst to friendly bacteria cultures by increasing the permeability of the cell walls, allowing microorganisms to better use available food. Consequently when introduced to toxic waste, it speeds up the breakdown process.

Initially the company developed a product designed to break down solid waste and control odours in hog, poultry and dairy operations. This product proved so effective that it rapidly achieved success in industry for use in septic tanks, processing and sewage treatment plants, and controlling odours in effluent ponds. Further research to clarify dirty water and selectively eliminate odours in ponds and dugouts was completed. The result of this research is a product called CLEAN `n” CLEAR which, in addition to industrial applications, is used in swimming pools, spas and ornamental ponds found in parks and golf courses.

Further research resulted in the development of SUPER-GRO to enhance the performance of the microorganisms in the soil. University studies and government testing showed a remarkable increase in the yield of cereal crops, especially where stress conditions exist such as drought, high alkalinity, soil compactness and the like. Another major benefit includes a noted reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers.

A natural feed supplement known as IMPROVE was originally developed for the livestock industry where it was used to help animals better utilize their feed rations by enhancing and supporting the natural flora in the intestinal tract. It is now widely accepted by veterinarians and the general public as a health supplement for dogs, cats and other household pets.

It is the company’s belief that the human body is the finest piece of machinery ever created.  With the excessive amounts of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides in use today, much of our food chain is contaminated at its source and these toxins have a tendency to create stress conditions in our bodies. Many of the “fast” foods we eat consist of bleached sugars and starches, which create the mucous coating on the wall of the small intestine. Unfortunately, this is where most nutrients are absorbed.

Consequently, proper assimilation cannot take place and the body becomes starved for the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy form. Much of the food is left impacted on the wall of the colon where it putrefies and becomes toxic. The toxins are absorbed into the blood where they are transported to a number of vital organs. We believe, as do most medical people, that by keeping our intestinal tract clean, we would eliminate 90 percent of the illness known to mankind. The saponin we extract from the yucca plant has a cleansing effect throughout the intestinal tract, which allows the intestines to absorb water and assimilate nutrients much more efficiently.

YU-CCAN Herbal Supplement doesn’t cure anything, but it does put the body in the proper posture for healing itself by cleaning the intestinal tract and assisting in proper elimination. 

In 1991, the company proudly introduced CANAID Herbal Supplement to its product line. CANAID has been described by many credible medical authorities as perhaps the greatest single product available for blood purification. Although YU-CCAN Corporation would love to take credit for CANAID’s development, it is actually an old Indian remedy that surfaced into the public limelight and became the centre of a political battle which has raged in North America since the 1930’s. 

CANAID Herbal Supplement  is a totally natural product derived from four specific herbs. It contains no sweeteners or preservatives.

In 1993 YU-CCAN became the exclusive distributor for AIR-AID, a naturally occurring variety of Zeolite. This particular mineral has the molecular structure and properties to allow it to absorb odours, (ammonia from urine and excrement), hydrogen sulfide and many other unwelcome gasses and other odours by means of a positive-negative ion exchange which traps odours in its molecular structure.

Another odour controlling product was introduced in aerosol form. FRESH is a totally natural and effective product that neutralizes odours instantly and permanently. FRESH eliminates odours that are left in such places as drapes, upholstery, pet areas or musty rooms. It is designed to instantly produce an odourless environment without a lingering smell. Using FRESH along with AIR-AID will result in ultimate air quality by eliminating odours instead of just masking them.

With the popular trend to being physically fit and trim, a growing popularity for both exercise and diet exists in our society.  Both of these activities, while being very positive, tend to put stress on the body.  YU-CCAN has addressed this concern by introducing B-FIT in 1994.  This amazing product is a unique combination of pure herbal extracts, synergistically blended to enhance the metabolism while also giving support to every organ and gland in the body.  B-FIT is truly a product that promotes good health.

Our Distributors often expressed concerns about the purity of their drinking water.  After researching several different methods of water purification, in 1996 YU-CCAN introduced the REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER SYSTEM to the product line.  The SHOWER FILTERS were also introduced in that year, to address the problems presented by chlorinated water. 

We are exposed to heavy metals such as lead, mercury and aluminum on a daily basis.  These and other toxic metals contribute to depression, hyperactivity, learning disorders, nervous system imbalances, fatigue, memory problems, allergies and yeast, or candida, in the body.  In 2002 YU-CCAN introduced REVIVE, a highly concentrated form of Cilantro.  REVIVE helps to rid the body of toxic metals (oral chelation), supporting the liver, kidney, and colon in the process.

In 2006, YU-CCAN addressed normal menopausal discomforts such as hot flashes, night sweats and irritability with the introduction of COOL EEZ, a concentrated blend of pure Mediterranean Sage Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vitamin E.  Sage’s anti-sweat properties are of value to men as well, reducing perspiration and combatting the bacteria that contributes to embarrassing body odour.  Sage Oil is also a potent antioxidant which prevents free-radical damage, protecting cells from deterioration and aiding in the prevention of serious cellular disorders.

In 1996 YU-CCAN Corporation was issued a long-term import license from the Chinese Government. This is the first time that a natural product manufactured outside China has been accepted for import as a medicine in China. YU-CCAN Corporation is proud to provide a world class product which addresses major health concerns, not only here at home, but also in the international arena.

In addition to addressing major health concerns and providing environmentally friendly products, YU-CCAN also provides a medium by which their products can be shared with everyone. We know through experience that the first thing a person does when they find something that truly benefits them is to share it with others. The most powerful sales tool YU-CCAN Corporation has is the testimonials of customers who have received direct benefits from their products. The YU-CCAN Marketing Plan is a plan that can bring you success as you help others become successful.

Healing and Health is not a casual pastime, nor a spectator sport look after your body you only have one!