The immune system

The immune system … An incredible marvel that defies description. I sometimes muse that of all the fascinating wonders of the Universe, if there is anything as awesome as the immune forces that regulate the human body.


Even yet, science has to discover many aspects of its’ intricacies. It is such a complex and intelligent network of glands and systems and tissues that work in unison to protect the body so that homeostasis is always the order of the day!

It’s been said that trillions of actions are coordinated in the body every single second of one’s life, all under the supervision of that intelligence we call the immune system. I tend to view it as a vast and effective computerized war machine with agents like the T cells being seen in context as the infantry and the B cells being the weaponry, all with an incredibly complex network of spies that report any covert activities or alien invaders; able to muster the “armed forces” at a moment’s notice and stand vigil over us from our first to our very last breath.

Truly, the body knows exactly what to do in order to heal itself and, except for a few genetic or developmental defects, knows how to take perfect care of itself. One of the main goals of the immune system is to ensure “homeostasis”, i.e., the ability to regulate all functions of the body in unison with each other. It can help the body to withstand astounding amounts of abuse and still maintain equilibrium and, when that doesn’t work, then it will institute a healing crisis that we would define as acute disease. If that doesn’t establish homeostasis then it will continue another step further and institute the beginnings of chronic disease. (And let’s not forget that disease is nothing else but an attempt on the part of the body to rid itself of putrid, fermented and decayed acid wastes and that disease is merely a warning shot from the immune system that change is necessary.)

It’s a sad fact that many need to get to the point of severe disease challenges before they can become motivated enough to make needed changes in their lifestyles. Studies have shown that the MAJORITY of people in our culture today are suffering from an overburdened and exploited digestive system. And guess who the culprits are? Why, us, of course. In order to satisfy our corrupted palates we throw whatever we feel like into our mouths with no thought for the morrow and we expect our stomachs and gastrointestinal system to accept it with gratification. The mere fact that our bodies do withstand the abuse we give them has to be one of the miracles of life.

Education is the key to health. Our focus must be to assist the immune system by doing our part to keep the body as free as possible from a buildup of poisonous and toxic acid wastes. We are so fortunate to have at our disposal, those wonderful products as produced and distributed by the YU-CCAN Corporation and we need to be responsible in exposing these tremendous helps to as many people as possible.

But in considering the wisdom of our own Dr. Roy, we need also to be aware of the educational responsibility we have toward the use of these products. Let’s not forget that we live in a society that has inculcated in us the concept that if a little is good, then a lot must be better. AND THAT JUST ISN’T SO! We need to be consistently learning the proper techniques of taking these incredible and wonderful YU-CCAN products and sharing those balanced practices with others.


The state of our nation’s health is in trouble and we are in a position to make a difference. We need to be aware of that healing wisdom resident within us and we need to understand that one must take responsibility for their health into their own hands.